1. Law is Complicated.
  2. Not having a lawyer can cost you more.
  3. Lawyers know how to challenge evidence.
  4. Filing the wrong document or following the wrong procedure could ruin your case.
  5. They have access to witnesses and experts you may need on your side.
  6. A lawyer can present your strongest case.
  7. Better to avoid problems rather than fix them later.
  8. Lawyers know how to negotiate settlements and plea bargains.
  9. The other party may have legal representation in which you will need to fight against.
  10. Lawyers often provide legal representation.

The most common reason people are afraid to hire an attorney is due to financial reasons. In the end it is best to protect yourself and/or hire someone who knows what they are doing. It will make you feel more secure and make your mind at ease knowing you have a professional on your side.

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